How to Like Paul Again — Alternative Back Cover

One early idea for the back cover was that as well as the blurb-recommendations from Some Really Clever People, it could have a letter from me to the prospective reader:

Dear Reader-to-be,

Thank you for your concern. Yes, you’re right: every back cover does say pretty much the same things. How many “fresh” looks can anyone stand? Especially when most of them are the same?

But know what? Mine really is different – different because I set out to do less and by doing less, wind up doing more.

I introduce three of the letters instead of all . . . however many there are.

And no, I don’t try to give you a overview of Paul’s christology and soteriology and so on – I’d be awful at that!

I just want to walk you up to the guy and introduce you: “Reader, this is Paul”. In my experience, that’s how good things get started.


We didn’t wind up using that — I forget why; but I still like it.

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