Mac Malware Alert! Or not.

There was a rash of articles earlier this month in various newsites about a new report warning that 2017 would be a ‘banner year’ for cyber-security breaches on Macintosh computers. The report said that “Apple’s current strategies may not be enough to stop the rising tide.” (Wagenseil, “Mac Malware Reaches New Heights, Report Finds”) Did you get that? “may not be enough”!

Oddly enough, the information-security firm that released the report highlighting the many threats that were ‘likely’ to come is precisely the same information-security firm that has just introduced a new antivirus product for sale called Malwarebytes for Mac.  I wonder if they had any idea when they started working on the product that the month of its release would be the most dangerous time in all of Macintosh history! Pretty amazing.

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