Scrivener for iPad (and iPhone)

Scrivener has been released for iOS. Formerly only available for Mac or PeeCee, Scrivener is software designed for authors. When I’m writing a short document and know what I want to say, I use Pages. When I’m starting a writing project, and I’m not sure exactly what I’ll say in what order. I want to use Scrivener. It allows me to plan and organise by more clearly breaking the single larger whole into smaller chunks, some of which might or might not be included in the final submitted document, though still part of the project. Scrivener makes it very easy to see a useful overview, and also makes it very easy to zero in on specific chunks.

Having Scrivener on my iPad is, quite simply, wonderful. There are some compromises, in style and feature-list, but nothing too drastic — this is unmistakeably Scrivener. Through Dropbox, I found syncing with Scrivener on my computer a very simple task (though not automatic), and so far it has worked flawlessly with both new projects and ones that I’ve had kicking around on my computer for years.

And I also now have Scrivener on my iPhone. As a comprehensive tool, Scrivener + iPhone is quite frankly less useful. The ability to see an overview on such a small screen is severely compromised. But, with a Bluetooth keyboard, the phone’s screen is plenty big enough to usefully type in first drafts of sections, and it is great to be able to enter those drafts directly into Scrivener projects and have them there waiting for me when I return to the project on a larger screen.

If you write things, you really owe it to yourself to look into Scrivener. There is a learning curve, especially if the only word processor you’ve ever used is MicrosoftWord, but there are also free trial versions for Mac or PeeCee that should give you enough time to try it out and see how it frees up your writing. (Scrivener is not yet available for Android.)

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