Decline of Microsoft, Not Personal Computing

There’s an article in the Wall Street Journal reporting the on-going decline of the PC. Except that the article lumps different things together into that category.

Sale of all personal computers, Windows & Macs, are reported as down by 11%; but we also know that sales of Macs are up 16%; therefore the downward slide for Windows is even worse than is being reported.

Perhaps as importantly, the article reports a total of around 68 million personal computers shipped (Macs + Windows PCs). Apple, however, sold about 65 million iOS devices — iPhones and iPads — in the same period. None of those, of course, run Windows.

In other words, personal computing is not in decline. Microsoft is in decline. Computers running Microsoft’s Windows sell fewer and fewer each year, while the market for alternatives continues to grow, particularly Apple computers, be they Mac-OS or iOS devices.

So also Daring Fireball.

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